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Samsung Working On A Rollable Screen Smartphone

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  • Dec 05,2023
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The information about Samsung's reliable phone is still prevailing in the news. The company has visualized a rollable smartphone with a screen that expands outwards much like the Oppo X 2021. The screen will become 40-50% larger on being unrolled. And, there is also a frame and a solid plate that will support the extended display. To prevent any friction during the screen roll-in /roll-out process and to assure a wrinkle-free screen, Samsung is using elastic "carrier films" and a multi-link hinge system.

Further, the backside of the phone is also partly covered by a screen. Users can easily roll out the display of the mobile by using a single button. It is expected that Samsung might involve the functionality in the power button that is placed on the top of the mobile.There is also an under-display camera sensor, three rear cameras and an in-display fingerprint is also mentioned in the patent. 

Of course, right now there is no means of knowing when Samsung will launch a rollable phone. However as per the patent, it is expected that Samsung is seriously working on this concept of a rollable smartphone metal:- Samsung, being one of the leading smartphone companies, always brings the perfect device for their customers. Let's see what company is planning new for their customers. 



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