GTA 6 Easter Eggs Coming Soon !

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  • Dec 16,2024
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Fans of the GTA ballot have been busy these days with the recent launch of Grand Theft Bus the Trio-The Definitive Edition. Still, the remaster series is hardly enough to keep them detracted from what they really want a new investiture to the series.

Rumors about GTA 6’s possible release have spread like campfire throughout the community, but not a single bone has been verified by Rockstar themselves, one scuttlebutt, in particular, sparked disappointment among suckers, as it claimed that GTA 6 was rebooted in 2020 because of several issues. This implies we’d have to stay much, much longer for its release. Still, the main source of the scuttlebutt, Rockstar Magazine, was written in French so it may have been just some issues with the restatement.

All the dismay the suckers endured from the scuttlebutt may have been wiped by a single easter egg from GTA III.

The original interpretation of the game featured a special billboard with a picture of the Francis International Airport identified ‘See you soon’ and ‘Miami’. This was in reference to GTA Vice City, a tease before its sanctioned release. In the remaster, the billboard has been changed. The sign still says ‘See you soon’ but with a picture of a Los Santos Beach. Utmost suckers took this as a hint for an unborn GTA 5 remaster, but others presume that it could be pertaining to GTA 6 because the airplane is flying down from the sand, not towards it. It’s not a solid proposition and might be a bit of a stretch, but there’s always a chance that it might be true.


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