Samsung Smartthings App Is Now Accessible To Windows 10 PCs

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  • May 10,2021
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Now the desktop version of the SmartThings app of Samsung is accessible to Windows 10. This app is used to control smart home appliances with the help of the app. Google Nest support was just incorporated into the Android version of the SmartThings App, which further improved the functionality of the app. The app for Windows 10 is released under the partnership between Samsung and Microsoft. This will allow the users to control the smart home appliances via their PC by syncing the android app with the desktop version. In this growing era of technology, many smart home gadgets are launching which has made our life easy, hence the SmartThings App has evolved as an essential means to control these devices. 

You can download this app for windows 10 from the Microsoft store. Moreover, you can't add any new smart appliance by its new window 10 version. Furthermore, this Windows version of this app lacks support for Google Nest Devices, which don't even appear on the app. The camera and thermostats are missing whereas the rooms established for Next devices can be observed in the windows app. For now, we can't say that the features of the Windows version of the SmartThings app would be enhanced further or not. 

This app has a broad interface that is easy to use and users can seamlessly interact with smart home devices. 





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