Samsung has made an invisible AI-powered keyboard - SelfieType


  • Jan 13,2022
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We use our phones more than ever. Till now phones have a traditional touch keyboard for typing out messages and long emails. Samsung has a solution to this problem so you can type long emails and text messages using AI and the phone's camera to track your hands as the user will type on an invisible keyboard right in front of him.

Samsung names this technology Selfie Type, and it is a demo at the moment. It is developed under Samsung's C-Lab program for quite a while. In the promo, it's a powerful tool and impressive. Samsung is demoing SelfieType technology at CES 2020 in Las Vegas this week.

From past years we have already seen "invisible keyboards" in existence using laser projection technology. But they are just for the demo, not a practical tool. They are slow and inaccurate. Samsung's SelfieType works using your phone's camera, so there is no extra baggage of accessories. Samsung used machine vision to track the individual finger movements and tap sounds. The user has to keep his wrist and hand fixed in one place to make this tech work perfectly. Still, this is new technology and not seen before in practical to test. But finally, with the help of AI, we can solve this problem.

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