Samsung's Exynos 1000 expected to be faster than the Snapdragon 875

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  • Oct 02,2023
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We know that it might be too early to believe this information since the first Exynos 1000 powered Samsung smartphone will not see the light until February next year. But it is very exciting to hear that Samsung might finally be able to surpass its biggest competitor in the smartphone chipset industry by next year. Another amazing fact is that this time the manufacture of Snapdragon 875 is being done by Samsung's own Semiconductor Company.

This information has come to light from a Korean forum where various Geekbench scores were published. This testing was performed on two Samsung Galaxy S21 units - one with Exynos 1000 and one with Snapdragon 875 along with a Xiaomi Mi 11 sporting Snapdragon 875.

Since there is only information available with no screenshots whatsoever, therefore, the authenticity of the news cannot be guaranteed. However, if we do believe it to be true the single and multi-core scores of Exynos 1000-powered Samsung were both higher and better than its Snapdragon 875 counterpart. In the single-core and multi-core tests, Exynos 1000 got 1302 points and 4250 points respectively whereas the Snapdragon 875 got 1159 and 4090, respectively. The Mi 11 isn't too far off either with 1102 and 4113 points in the two tests.

The source also adds that there's still an issue with ARM's newly announced Cortex-X1 core so Samsung has decided to clock it higher leaving the Snapdragon 875 behind. You can say, that this is also a confirmation to the theory that most of the flagship smartphones in 2021 will be using Cortex-X1.

Nevertheless, it is evident that all the handsets used in the testing are in the early pre-production phase so the performance of both the SoCs will very likely go higher by the time of their release. Still, this is probably the first time we are seeing Exynos coming on top of Snapdragon even if it too early to tell. Another fact is that both the SoCs are based on Samsung's 5nm process and will share similar architecture, it won't be too much of a surprise if the two SoCs come out tied. 


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