Samsung is reutilizing its former Galaxy phones as accessible eye care tools

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  • Apr 01,2023
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The huge Korean company Samsung has started reutilizing its older Galaxy mobiles to build cost-effective eye care tools to help ophthalmic health care organizations. 

Samsung has announced this through an official blog post. The company said that approx 2.2 billion people all over the world suffer from some type of vision defect, only half of the people are cases are preventable only if the patients had durable and accessible eye care tools and other services.

That's why Samsung has started using its former galaxy mobiles with a new handheld eye-like fundus camera to build a cost-effective eye care tool. This device is known as a portable eye diagnosis device that can easily catch the various ophthalmic conditions which can cause blindness. 

 How does it work?

 This new tool by Samsung works simply, it is easy to operate.  The eyelike fundus camera is connected to the Galaxy mobile with a lens attachment. The fundus camera catches the pictures of the patient's eye and the mobile works as a Brain of the complete device. 

Then, the images captured by the camera are sent to an app on the mobile to examine the images of the eye for any disease or disorder. This app uses AI-based algorithms to examine the image.  With the detection of disease, the app will also provide the treatment for the patients. 

Samsung has also claimed that the company has collaborated with International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness ( IAPB) and Yonsei University Health System (YUHS) to provide help and treatment to more than 19,000 Vietnamese people with this technology. 


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