Rolls-Royce Spectre to be brand’s first electric vehicle EVs

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  • Oct 21,2024
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The Spectre we’re speaking about these days doesn’t have something to do with James Bond, however, it does contain any other ancient British property: Rolls-Royce. The lots greater radical 103EX notion arrived in 2016 with almost double that strength output and a raft of clues as to how the organisation will adopt its regular diagram cues to go well with electric-powered cars.

A sequence of check vehicles will be constructed for the two-year checking out programme and will cowl greater than one hundred fifty million miles, equating to roughly four hundred years of use, Rolls-Royce says. The starting of on-road improvement comes simply over a decade after the company confirmed off the experimental Phantom-based 102EX concept. The Spectre is set to be put it into manufacturing via 2023 with the corporation set to begin what will be a particularly publicised on-road improvement programme soon.

What to know?

Details on what precisely will energy the Spectre stay underneath wraps, and when pressed via our sister book Autocar UK, Ötvös stated only: “We would by no means use a current vehicle from the BMW Group and convert it into a Rolls-Royce. That doesn’t work for us.”

Official statements

“You will see these check vehicles on roads, round the world. Look out for them – they will be in undeniable sight. They will be examined in all prerequisites and overall terrains on their multi-million-mile ride – that will actually speed up Rolls-Royce into the future.”

Camouflage obscures most of the check car’s defining features, however, the CEO validated that it will maintain its “fastback-oriented” plan into production, which skill it will, in the beginning, sit down exceptionally unrivalled in the nascent electric-powered luxurious coupé segment.

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