Breification B4: Is cryptocurrency illegal? Why China bans Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions


Breification works on the principle of short duration & long-lasting. Breification is the combination of multiple segments which uses comes across daily and they only have WH family surrounding in their minds (When, Why, Where, How...). So, our GizMeek team had decided to launch a very innovative, new idea for our verticle. Under this section, users will get rid of all questions related to a piece of particular news where users' minds are stuck with a tremendous amount of thoughts.


Beijing’s announcement of a crackdown on crypto mining led to a sharp decline in bitcoin’s ‘processing power’ with various miners taking their tools offline. In a shocking streak of events, China has declared all cryptocurrency transactions in the USA will be deemed illegal. China’s central financial institution in a notice introduced that all transactions involving cryptocurrencies are unlawful and mentioned that it “seriously endangers the protection of people’s assets”.

Actual motive of this action?

The pass has already commenced to motive panic amongst some crypto traders, sending the charge of bitcoin and numerous different currencies down. Bitcoin was once down 5.5% at the time of publication. China is making an attempt to make the first go in case of a crash, as per reports. Apparently, China’s central financial institution is stated to be working on its very personal digital currency.

When will it be implemented?

The greatest cryptocurrency markets globally, its effect regularly has a have an effect on the world rate of crypto-currencies. Banks and price structures had been asked to cease facilitating transactions of crypto in June this year.

How it’s nice to China?

China's central financial institution in a observe introduced that all transactions involving cryptocurrencies are unlawful and mentioned that it "seriously endangers the protection of people's assets". Offenders, the central financial institution warned, will be “investigated for crook legal responsibility in accordance with the law.” In a joint statement, 10 Chinese authorities organizations vowed to work intently to hold a “high pressure” crackdown on buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in the nation.

Global banks statements

The central financial institution stated cryptocurrencies, consisting of Bitcoin and Tether, can't be circulated in the market as they are now not fiat currency. This is no longer the first time China has declared a crackdown on cryptocurrency-related activities, however till now so many authorities corporations had no longer collaborated on such efforts.

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