Realme upcoming AIoT products in April

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  • Apr 22,2024
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The accounts Realme Pakistan and Realme TechLife claim that Realmeow’s presence will be developed as the “voice” of the brand’s upcoming AI Speaker. This solution will also apparently be available on the OEM’s inaugural laptop, and possibly even on its first-ever set of VR glasses.

realm's real meow was unveiled as a mascot and was said that it would be in the company’s marketing materials and also be an integral part of the design of products. Now, it looks like the company is launching Smart AI products with the ‘Meow’ on them. In the teaser page, we see that the laptop has the Meow logo with a brushed finish and Black color.

Realme had said that Realmeow would be an integral part of the design of products. and now, the company is going to launch its Smart AI products naming them with a ‘Meow’. The three products are going to get launched in early April: MeowBook laptop, Meow AI speaker, and Meow VR glasses.

1. MeowBook laptop

'Meow Book' laptop besides its name. It could very well be a good laptop with solid specs, but we really hope the company is not planning to call it that. A new and possibly official render suggests that the mascot will even feature as the main logo on the lid of this device. On that note, the upcoming laptop appears to lack USB type C ports (on its left side, at least), although it might have a 3.5mm jack.

2. Meow AI speaker

The smart speaker segment crossed 1 million shipments in 2020 in India and it is understandable that realme wants to grab a bite for itself this year. Let’s wait for more details in the coming days.

3. Meow VR glasses

Nevertheless, this "leak" is somewhat plausible, especially given the example of Xiaomi, a company that is now known for its own PCs despite starting out in smartphones, as did Realme. Presumably, this latest hype-train for the apparent new dimensions of its ecosystem might prove valid should it keep rolling.

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