PUBG Mobile India might Relaunched as Battlegrounds Mobile India


  • May 03,2021
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Last year, the Indian government banned the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile since then its fans are craving for PUBG 's relaunch in the nation. From the last month, the rumors about its relaunch in India are thriving in the news. Now as per recent news or we can say it a hint it is claimed that the PUBG Mobile India may get relaunch in India with a new name and that will not be named PUBG Mobile India. 

As per the new poster at Gemwire, PUBG Corp, and Krafton for the game seen by many folks it can be said that the new name of the game can be 'Battleground Mobile ' instead of PUBG Mobile India. 

In the new poster, the picture of the PUBG player landing on the ground is shown with the subject Battleground Mobile India written on it. 

Well, still there is to be an official announcement regarding its launch but current rumors have raised the expectations again. Krafton has also posted jobs on LinkedIn relevant to PUBG Mobile India. Moreover, there are many teaser videos on YouTube launched by PUBG Mobile India. The videos are kept private but their presence makes it clear that the game will be relaunch soon. 

Now it's time to wait and watch the relaunch of renamed PUBG Mobile India. 





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