No more smartphones LG officials claimed

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  • Apr 21,2024
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At the beginning of this year, you must have heard about the news that is going to shut down its smartphone business, and now the company has confirmed the news of shutting the smartphone business. So, now this great and leading company lucky Goldstar is going to close its smartphone industry in these upcoming weeks. It will no more go to manufacture new mobiles, its rollable smartphones and all.

The company has confirmed the news by an official blog post. According to LG, the present stock smartphone will be available in the market for sale. Moreover, the company also said that it will provide a software update for a specific period.  And it can vary according to the region.

The company exaggerated the software update plans on its Korean website. Following the shutdown, the company will keep providing the Android 11OS update for supported devices, also the company may provide the Android 12 update for a few of its devices. It also claimed that they will keep developing new technologies for the mobile industry. And, the company will use its mobile business technologies in making other products in the future.

Officially the whole procedure of closing the business will get completed by 31 July. But some smartphones will be available in the market.


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