Microsoft Teams, Outlook, other services down for users in India

Multiple Microsoft services, like Outlook and Teams, are down for users around the world, including India. The company said that it is investigating the issue. As Per the outage tracking website, over 3,900 users were unable to access Teams, the popular business communications platform, in our country. The company's other services such as Azure, Microsoft 365, Store, and LinkedIn have also been affected.

The issue could be related to Azure cloud

Considering the magnitude of the outage, it seems that the issue is related to a server that hosts the affected services. Microsoft hosts all its services on its Azure cloud. An issue with the cloud could be the reason why several Microsoft services went offline. As Per the company, Teams, Exchange Online, Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Graph were among the affected services.

Microsoft 365 has about 60 million userbase worldwide. Teams- the popular video conferencing app used at offices has seen a significant increase in the last few years. The work from home model during the pandemic has further accelerated the adoption of this app


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