Microsoft is fully pumped up with its new Edge browser and rolling out the latest features and improvements. While the vertical tabs feature is announced a year ago, the feature is finally here to all the Edge users. Now, users will be able to stack the tab in the sidebar of the browser rather than the traditional long list on the top of the browser, which is pretty much out dated right now.

The vertical tabs feature looks ideal for the horizontally oriented device, screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. With this feature, the user can easily switch between tabs or group. Microsoft also enhances Edge performance and implemented a sleeping tabs feature in Edge, this will release system memory for inactive tabs and users will be able to open a large number of tabs. This new technique will prevent the browser from crashes and memory issue.

Microsoft is also improving the startup experience of the Edge. A new boost on startup is rolling out and makes the browser launches up to 41% faster. A Microsoft executive said, “Startup boost will be automatically enabled this month and you can access your browser settings menu to personalize Microsoft Edge even more.”

Later this month, Microsoft Edge users will also see a new history view in the browser. Right now the users are redirected to settings tabs. But the new feature rollout it would be easier for users to search and manage history.

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