Micromax partnership with MediaTek for upcoming phones

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  • Nov 14,2024
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"Micromax's R&D in India will use the latest technologies and the advanced MediaTek Helio G series chips, which deliver premium performance and enhanced customer experiences," Rahul Sharma, Co-founder, Micromax, said in a statement. "Software development has always been the strength of the Indian ecosystem and we will leverage that strength in our software design."

"MediaTek has been focusing on enabling superior gaming capabilities with the entire range of G series chips," said Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India. The collaboration comes at a time when Micromax is moving towards launching its smartphones built with a focus on gaming and multimedia features.

Upcoming plans

This year, they have launched MediaTek Helio G95, G85, G80, G70, G35, and G25 with MediaTek HyperEngine Game Technology that has an array of technologies that include vivid visuals, rapid sensing touchscreens, premium picture quality, enhanced power efficiency, and internet connectivity for long gameplay.

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