MediaTek seeks to win the race of 4nm SoC processors

A famous Chinese tipster claims that MediaTek's hardware will be able to challenge today's Snapdragon 800-series and also reduce power consumption considerably. MediaTek is apparently working on shifting towards newer advanced chip manufacturing processes.

Simply put, the shift towards a more advanced manufacturing process would only benefit the company in the smartphone market. This shift will have the company move towards the advanced 4nm process, which is a jump from the previously rumored 5 nm-based chips from the company.

In fact, some major OEMs have already taken orders for MediaTek's high-end SoC. We are talking Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Vivo. The chipmaking giant will be one of the first firms to place an order with TSMC, the world’s largest contract chipmaker, for 4 nm-based chips and even the next-gen 3 nm-based chips as well.

MediaTek, which significantly increases 5G integration, will also use 5G technology in advanced chipsets. It is estimated that MediaTek will increase its customers significantly, thanks to the 4nm process, which will appeal mostly to high-end and flagship models.

If things go well, he will have the chance to become one of TSMC’s first customers in the 4nm process.  In other words, the company is also one of TSMC’s first customers for the 3nm process, with others like being Apple and Qualcomm in the future.     


It's all just rumors for now, of course, and we will have to wait almost a year to see if MediaTek beats everyone to the finish line.

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