Major Bug in CS:GO, allows a Hacker to take control of your System

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  • Apr 29,2023
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One of the most popular FPS game title Counter-strike: Global Offensive developed by Valve Software, popularly known as CS: GO. The game is very competitive among FPS lover over the year with millions of player enjoying the game. CS: GO has a year old bug that can let a hacker take over a user's system by making them click on a link. 

The bug is discovered by The Secret Club, which is a non-profit, reverse engineering group. This critical bug uses Steam's invite system to access your PC. A hacker will send a special link to the user by exploiting the bug. Once the user clicks on the link and accepts the invite, the hacker gets into the user's system and get access to the sensitive information. This bug is present in an in-game engine, developed by Valve. In other games that use this engine no longer consists of this bug, but CS: GO still have it.

A security researcher in The Secret Club discovered the bug two years ago. He reached out to Valve through its bug bounty program, to inform about the bug. The developers marked the bug as “critical” at the time. However, as per Florian, the game development studio later admitted that they were “slow to respond” to the exploit.

Although the game is quite old but still have some critical bug, that can exploit user's system.

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