Samantha Samsung is now alive and well, thanks to a surge in popularity over the holiday weekend. She's a cheery, bright-eyed lady who enjoys listening to music on her Samsung phone, exploring applications, and texting friends. She's also the latest love interest of the internet, which has become obsessed with her seemingly overnight.

So really it was more of the look of Sam rather than what Sam can actually do vis a vis what Bixby is doing now. She has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and is wearing pants and a shirt with the Samsung logo on. Samsung's 3D Virtual Assistant Sam went viral on the internet as netizens discovered her pictures on a now-deleted post. Read on to know more.



How Sam might fit into Samsung’s existing AI ecosystem is also unknown. Bixby has been Samsung’s voice assistant for a few years, including a complete revamp after the initial version failed to get off the ground. Samsung certainly doesn’t seem keen to give up on Bixby, performing a major overhaul of the interface at the end of last year to reduce the space Bixby takes up on the screen and added suggestions for what the user might like to do based on trends and previous user activity.


What is new in this virtual Assistant?

Samsung's Sam showed up at the most inconvenient of times, owing to the fact that she was not launched in a product launch or a release for her on the Samsung smartphone interface. Rather, she was discovered by numerous people on a now-deleted post by a digital design firm called Light farm, which can only be read through its web archive. Despite being a 3D virtual assistant and not a real person, Sam has taken over the internet and allowed a lot of people to appreciate her sweetness and beauty.

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