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How to Cease Email Tracking in Gmail

  As we know hackers have become more advanced and savvy, with their encroaching methods becoming way more sophisticated and confidential in recent years. A common trick includes using images i

ARM unveils Immortalis GPU with Ray Tracing

  Ray tracing is highly sought tech for the recent generations of desktop GPUs and consoles and it even made its way on mobile. ARM is getting in on the action with a new GPU line, Immortalis.

Apple AR Glass Debut

According to a market research analyst's report, Apple's expected augmented reality (AR) glasses have started the design development phase and will be prototype-ready by the end of this year. The Appl


India is trying to launch its first self-reliant, indigenous App store as “Aatm Nirbhar App store” where the Indian users will develop & launch the apps globally. Users have

Breification 15: What is the Metaverse? How it will change technology industry

The Metaverse is a collective digital open space, created with the aid of the convergence of simply more advantageous bodily and digital reality. It is bodily continual and offers greater immersive ex

Noise has introduced the first pair of smart glasses to the Indian market at a price of Rs 5,999.

Recently, noise debuted its very first pair of smart eyewear in the Indian market. The Noise i1 is the first pair of smart glasses produced by the firm and was developed by Noise Labs, the brand's in-

Major websites go down in global outage, showing '500 internal server error'

Major websites all throughout the world have long gone down. A "500 internal server error" message has been considered via countless net users. When a net server encounters issues, this occurs. A bri

Week Rewind 71: Last Week in a Quick Snap

Week Rewind 71, you will get all the quick rewinds of last week, including hot topics and new innovations. Last week from 6th June 2022 to 12th June 2022,  was a wonderful week in terms of

Oppo K10 5G in India : Price, Specs here

Oppo K10 5G Summary The Oppo K10 5G smartphone was released on April 24, 2022. The phone has a 6.59-inch touchscreen display with a 120 Hz refresh rate and a resolution of 1080x2412 pixels (FHD+) a


As of India is trying to launch its first self-reliant, indigenous App store as “Aatm Nirbhar App store” where basically the Indian users will develop & launch the apps