A senior railway official has said that the QR code-enabled tickets will be scanned on handheld devices and mobile phones at railway stations and on trains, according to a PTI report. Last month, an automatic QR code-based ticket scanning system was introduced by Indian Railways at the Prayagraj junction railway station, in a first-of-its-kind initiative. The users can book the tickets via UTS application and select QR booking in the ‘book ticket’ menu. They can then scan the QR code provided at the station premises and by selecting a destination and other required fields can complete the booking.

“By the means of this facility, the passengers would get access to an easy interface, using which the paperless unreserved ticket would be made available on the mobile phone itself. This would facilitate both the passenger’s time as well as paper, resulting in enhanced environment protection” the official said.


The Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav said in a press meet that the QR code system will be given on tickets. "If one buys online, the code will be provided on the ticket. Even on window tickets, where one gets a physical ticket, a text message will be sent to the passenger's mobile phone, which will have a link, and the QR code will be displayed when the link is touched," he explained.

Role of ISRO

 This further helps provide accurate information to waiting for passengers about the arrival and departure of the trains. Adding to the list of new initiatives, the Indian railways has also signed an MoU with ISRO for satellite-tracking of trains and get its real-time data like speed and location.


  • CRIS has rolled out an application, for contactless ticket checking of reserved tickets, covering all the zones of Indian Railways to display PRS ticket details as QR Code.
  • Once the tickets are booked, an SMS will be sent to the mobile number of the passenger, containing the URL of the QR code.
  • During the station entry or during the checking of the train ticket, passengers will have to click on the QR code URL available on his or her SMS.
  • After doing this, the QR code of the reserved ticket will be displayed on the mobile browser of the passenger.


Indian Railways eyes airport-style contactless ticketing! Indian Railways, keeping in view the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, will adopt the facility of contactless ticketing similar to facilities at airports with QR code-enabled tickets. So far, paperless unreserved tickets could only be booked when a passenger was 30 to 50 meters away from the railway track at the particular station. However, as the railways enable QR-code based ticket reservation, it brings internet usage to underserved segments and more to those who regularly travel short distances via travel.

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