India Has More Than 10 Crore Crypto Owners Now, the Highest In The world

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  • Oct 15,2024
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The Crypto market stays volatile, it has experienced so many ups and downs. Most of the year there are conversations about its ban in India. Yet, none of these kinds of conversations has stopped Indians from investing in famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. According to a broker discovery and a comparison platform BrokerChooer, India now has more than 10 crore owners of cryptocurrency. The total number of owners in India now is 10.07 crore, which makes it forward among all the other countries. 

The exciting part is the margin between US and India which settles at the next second. The US had almost 2.74 crore owners. About 7.30 % of the population of India owns cryptocurrency. Ukraine ranks first with approx 12.73 per cent of total users of cryptocurrency.

The total number of Indians investing in cryptocurrency comes as an astonishing topic as there was a lot of uncertainty regarding its legal dignity. The Indian government has already proposed a bill to ban all private cryptocurrencies before this year's Union Budget. Though the bill wasn't tabled and a committee was 

established to give suggestions on it. 

The increase in the crypto owners is due to the popularity of famous crypto funds such as Bitcoin. 



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