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Cryptocurrency Scams With Google Ads

A new scam has come into the news, where cybercriminals are utilizing Google Ads to loot cryptocurrency wallets. Below is full information on how this scam works. How does a scam work? Scammers

India Has More Than 10 Crore Crypto Owners Now, the Highest In The world

The Crypto market stays volatile, it has experienced so many ups and downs. Most of the year there are conversations about its ban in India. Yet, none of these kinds of conversations has stopped India

Cryptocurrency Mining got Banned in Iran for 4 Months amidst Power Cut

  Iran has prohibited the energy-intensive mining of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for at least 4 months. This announcement was made by President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday since the country

A power cut in China cause bitcoin crash globally

Data collected by the Cambridge Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index shows that nearly a quarter of bitcoin’s global hash rate is powered by cryptocurrency miners in Xinjiang. Almost immediately aft