Huawei unveils industry's highest-performance ARM-based CPU

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  • May 20,2020
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Huawei has consistently innovated in the computing location in order to create consumer value. Huawei added the industry's highest-performance Advanced RISC Machine (ARM)-based CPU. Called Huawei Kunpeng 920, the new CPU is designed to enhance the enchantment of computing in large data, dispensed storage, and ARM-native utility scenarios. Huawei will be phase of with organization gamers to increase the ARM organization and foster an open, collaborative, and win-win ecosystem, taking computing average overall performance to new heights.

"At an equal time, the ARM business enterprise is seeing a new enhancement opportunity. The Huawei Kunpeng 920 CPU and TaiShan servers newly launched with the resource of Huawei are in particular used in massive data, allotted storage, and ARM-native applications. At usual frequency, the Kunpeng 920 CPU rankings over 930 in the SPECint Benchmarks test, which is 25% higher than the employer benchmark.


Huawei Kunpeng 920 integrates 64 cores at a frequency of 2.6 GHz. This chipset integrates 8-channel DDR4 support, and memory bandwidth exceeds incumbent picks through 46%. System integration is moreover extended considerably through the two 100G RoCE ports. Across assessments the organization has conducted, it claims normal overall performance boosts in the geographical areas of floating-point calculations, disbursed storage, huge data, and Arm-native applications. At the equal time, the employer moreover added an Arm-based server series recognized as TaiShan. In large records scenarios, the TaiShan servers are tuned for top of the line many-core immoderate concurrency and useful resource scheduling to provide a 20-percentage computing typical overall performance boost," the organization stated.

At normal frequency, the Huawei Kunpeng 920 CPU scores1 higher than an estimated 930 on SPECint®_rate_base2006. At the equal time, strength effectivity is 30% greater than that furnished by using the usage of company counterparts
The ARM shape is exquisite excellent for these conditions with advantages in many-core and ordinary overall performance per watt. TaiShan will permit computing buildings with immoderate universal overall performance and low electrical energy consumption for businesses.


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