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Top 7 Online Web-Exam Proctoring Software

What is Online Proctoring?

Online proctoring refers to a digital shape of evaluation which allows candidates to take a seat test from any location. During on-line proctoring, the software program is used to enable college students and route individuals to take tests at an area of their choosing. It has to be someplace dependable and cheat-proof. The monitoring software program is used to preserve an eye on test-takers through video, setting up the credibility and authenticity of the exam.

How do Proctored Online Exams Work?

Remote proctoring allows an invigilator to invigilate assessments from any section of the world. With the creation of a variety of trendy equipment in the market such as Mettl Remote Proctoring, it was once possible for the proctor to cautiously examine an on-line examination stay or a recording of the same. In an auto proctored on-line examination, the software program is used to discover any situations of dishonest robotically through technology.

Given below are online remote proctoring: 

1. Mercer | Mettl’s

Mercer | Mettl’s suite of anti-cheating technologies enables a secure and fair test-taking experience for the high-stake exams. The suite includes remote invigilation of the candidate via webcam that can be AI-based or manual remote proctoring, 3-point candidate authentication to prevent impersonation and a fully customizable safe browser to ensure the candidate is not able to access any information from his/her computer or internet during the exam. The proctoring service can be easily integrated into any existing examination platform/LMS to make it more secure.

With a base of more than 4000 clients, Mercer | Mettl has conducted over 12 million proctored assessments in a year in 150+ universities across the globe. In 2019 they also achieve the feat of conducting 100,000 proctored examinations in a day. Also offering comprehensive assessment solutions, Mettl’s range of functions competency, online as well as remote proctoring, results in analytics, and payment gateway for users to conveniently pay exam fees.

2. ProctorU

 US, ProctorU is an online remote proctoring service provider that offers functionalities such as auto proctoring and live proctoring. Established in 2008 and dealing in AI-driven proctored examinations, it is a preferred choice among many academic institutes. Catering to the needs of around 1000 customers, this online proctoring software also facilitates ID authentication and has a per-day proctoring capacity of conducting more than 10,000 exams.

3. Examity

Examity, based in Massachusetts, US, is another online proctoring software that was launched in 2013 and boasts of around 500 clients. Even this online remote proctoring application provides auto, live and ID authentication solutions. It caters to universities, corporate institutes, as well as enterprise testing organizations. The AI-powered solution offers a wide range of proctoring examination services, coupled with 24×7 customer support.  With an annual capacity of conducting around 1 million tests per year, the Examity stays true to its name and reputation.

4. AIProctor


AIProctor can be installed on the web, in mobiles, and in the cloud. This next-generation, completely automated AI-empowered online remote proctoring app can work without the involvement of any human force and relieves your institute from the lengthy process of exam invigilation that is often packed with errors. Coupled with 24×7 customer service throughout the year, AIProctor is embedded with features such as AI exam cheating and fraud detection engines, virtual browser lockdown, location tracking, multiple voice detection, among others. Another feature is the Shock & Awe, which detects and prevents cheating. There is also a team of experienced, highly talented human proctors who review exam recordings and ensure fraud detection and prevention.

 5. Conduct Exam

Conduct Exam was launched by R K Infotech. This robust platform for conducting proctored examinations offers a range of innovative and impeccable solutions that can be implemented in colleges, universities, educational institutions as well as corporate establishments. Maintained by a qualified, specialized team, Conduct Exam is a high impact system that is extremely reliable in terms of results and speed. Some of the features included in Conduct Exam’s integrated package includes applications for online as well as offline exams, lab based exams, center based exams, and others. It also simplifies the complex process of campus placement by reducing manpower and automating the whole procedure.

6. B Virtual

B Virtual is an online proctoring software that is used by various academic, government, and private sector institutions across the globe. Blessed with a professional team that offers 24/7 online support, it is the ideal option of your establishment deals in distance learning and certification programs. It conducts online proctored examinations and boasts of superior client service. 100% transparent, B Virtual monitors and records exams for their entire duration, and provides options for scheduled online exam proctoring. It can be customized according to specific requirements and can be integrated with testing software and learning management systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, Sakai, Desire2Learn, and Moodle.

7. ProctorExam

A completely web-based solution, ProctorExam is developed to function as a standalone app or in combination with an existing environment. It is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems and can be used by candidates to give tests while using their own devices. ProctorExam comes with a wide range of modular monitoring solutions, is highly flexible, and lends a 360-degree view into a candidate’s workspace so that the test can be curated as per the requirements, which include high stake exams, professional certification or recruitment process.

Why Online Proctoring?

  1. Makes International Education More Accessible

Many educational institutions have created virtual learning infrastructure to bring e-Learning courses for students from across the globe. However, it’s not financially feasible for students to catch a flight and cover a long distance to reach the school campus for taking certification exams.

2. Allows Flexibility in Time

A flexible schedule allows both students and teachers to get more control over their working environment and schedule. With the advent of online proctoring came the convenience of scheduling and taking exams at a time that suits both parties.  

 3. Favors All Students Without Regarding Location

Regardless of your physical location, you can sit exams with other students in other areas. It makes it easy for courses aimed at international students though it is also applicable for local education. It can work well if you study part-time or while working. You will not be required to always be on the school campus.

4. Works for All Kinds of Exams

Online proctors can supervise all types of exams. Whether multiple choice questions, essays, or aptitude tests, online proctoring can work for you.  

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