Huawei P50 series arriving by the end of next month; features a 1/1.18-inches high resolution sensor

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  • Jun 24,2024
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The Huawei P50 series could be coming soon by the end of next month. According to a post on Weibo, Huawei's upcoming smartphone may launch on July 25. The date was revealed through a binary message 1011011001 which when decoded stands for 729, thus suggesting the date.

The smartphone is expected to arrive in three variants - Huawei P50, Huawei P50 Pro, and Huawei P50 Pro+. The base variant will feature a Micro-curved OLED Display, while the Pro variant will use a waterfall display. The Pro+ variant is expected to flaunt a curved OLED display.

Another rumor on Weibo confirms the camera specifications of the device. Huawei P50 series will feature a 1/1.18-inch high-resolution sensor with the large 1-inch Sony IMX800 sensor for the Pro variants. The Pro+ device is also expected to use a liquid lens camera, just like on the Xiaomi Mi Fold device.

p50 cam specs

The P50 series will run on the company's in-house Kirin 9000 chipset and boot HarmonyOS. These devices would be 4G ready however 5G is expected in the Pro variants. Other specifications include multiple auxiliary sensors that support under-screen fingerprint recognition and dual speakers on the top and bottom. Battery capacity will vary from 4200mAh to 4300mAh with the support of 66W wired fast charging and 55W wired charging.


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