Dangerous Android apps that you should avoid downloading on your mobile

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  • Jun 23,2024
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Android has a great collection of applications you can try on your device, but there are several applications that you should avoid. These applications might not be good for your device and privacy. They might carry some dangerous virus stuff and can infect your device.

Last year we have seen the Indian government banning various applications in view of data being stored on Chinese servers. Moreover, we have also shared a list of malware that can affect your device through applications. So, let's check the applications that you should avoid installing on your Android devices.

1. Cleaner Applications

Cleaner Apps for Android

We are also in favor of avoiding cleaner applications, they do tend to clean up your device but also cleanse the system process. System processes are the important and mandatory process that needs to run all the time for the smooth function of the device. When we run the cleaner app they terminate these process and Android system keeps on restarting it, which in turn impact our battery and processor performance.

2. VPN Applications

What is VPN

If you wonder what is a VPN? You can check out our article on What is VPN, where we have covered basic points about VPN and some trusted VPN providers.

VPN applications are great to hide your privacy and be safe from attackers but at the same, there are many applications for VPN which in turn affect your device with malware so be aware, and make sure you download VPN applications from authentic providers.

3. Antivirus Applications

Antivirus application

Android is built on Linux firmware, so it is not that vulnerable to malware and attacks provided your download applications from Google Playstore and avoid installing direct APK of applications. So installing an Antivirus will only consume memory and processor resource and make your device's performance lower.

4. Dating Applications

Dating apps for android

We have seen in the past that various dating applications misuse your information and share them with advertisers. The shared data contains sensitive information, so be sure what information you are providing to these applications.

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