Huawei-Leica partnership may end with the upcoming P50 series

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  • May 17,2021
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Huawei-Leica partnership is apparently coming to an end. According to a renowned tipster, Teme (@RODENT950), Huawei's P50 series will be the last to receive a Leica branding. He further adds that Leica could be looking for an alternative partner in companies like Xiaomi, Honor, and Sharp.

The partnership between these two has seen great camera phones over the years since 2015. This alleged split may be the result of harsh trade sanctions placed on Huawei which has left a mark on the relationship.

We could even expect non-exclusive deals from Leica as we have seen in Sony-Zeiss and Nokia-Zeiss deals, thus partnering with multiple brands. However, nothing can be assumed, especially after Leica responded with an official statement regarding this rumor.

"The trustful and long-term technology partnership with the Huawei Consumer Business Group exists since 2015. Since the beginning the partnership brings huge value to consumers as well as to both companies," Leica said. "As the cooperation still continues, the associated compliance with all confidentialities is of course preserved. The partners have agreed to secrecy about any details of the contract. Please understand that we will not be commenting on this."



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