Google Updates its Password Manager

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  • Jul 07,2022
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Google is updating its password manager for all platforms, moving forward from a basic version towards a more feature-rich experience to compete with  1Password, Enpass, Dashlane, or Bitwarden.

Major focus of the tech giant is on dealing with the security concerns of users.
Although the feature set is comparable to other third-party password managers out there, still Google isn't planning to put it out as a standalone app.

Additional Features in Password Manager

  • Expected to incorporate emerging tech like passwordless keys.


  • Automatically group multiple passwords used on the same site. 


  • On Android, a “Touch-to-Login” feature introduced which lets users enter their credentials via an overlay at the bottom of the screen 


  • On iOS, if users opt for Chrome as the default autofill provider, Password Manager comes with the ability to generate unique, strong passwords.


  • Option to manually add passwords to  Password Manager 

Moreover, it's expected that Google is going to put a shortcut to Password manager directly on the Android home screen.


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