Google Photos gettings new options soon | Protected mode and memories

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  • May 19,2021
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Google Photos is one of the most used gallery application. In spite of the fact that from coming June 2021, it will demolish the free upload storage of photos at high quality, and count the upload against your 15GB drive quota. You can try these Google Photos Alternatives.

Yesterday, at the Google I/O developer conference, Google has come up with new advanced features in its Photos application. The app will get a new passcode feature as Locked Folder. This will let you password protect any of your images.

Google Photos Locked

When an image is passcode locked, it won't appear anywhere on your device except when you manually operate the folder from Google photos. Moreover, you can easily transfer any photo directly from the camera app. This feature will first hit Pixel devices and later will be available for other Android devices.

Google Memories

We must be familiar with the Memories feature of Google Photos, Google also announced some features for it as well. The memories data (images) can be controlled, you can rename the memory (Birthday, Anniversary, Weekend Party) so that you can recall what you have celebrated at that moment. Moreover, you can delete a person to stop appearing in your highlights and memories. Coming soon, you'll be able to remove a single photo from a Memory, remove Best of Month Memories, and rename or remove Memories based on the moments you celebrate.

Google Photos Memories

Coming up next in few weeks Google Photos will highlight little patterns it finds in a set of three or more photos that share things like shape or color. You'll find these in Memories, and it's unsurprisingly using machine learning. These memories will be integrated with your regular feed. You can scroll and have a look at the month's memory.


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