Google Pay will soon contactless support payments using NFC in India

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  • May 02,2021
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According to the aforementioned support page for Google Pay, users will need an NFC-equipped smartphone that is Play Protect Certified to make UPI payments using NFC on Google Pay. Google Pay will gain a new tap to pay feature using the UPI framework at the moment, there is no information if the current version of Google Pay supports UPI payments using the NFC feature. We will update the article when we know more.

According to a support document, the company should be rolling out the feature to devices that have an NFC chip built-in, which should make it a bit easier to make payments. The NFC-based UPI payment option in Google Pay will be much easier and also a lot faster to use.

Google Pay is currently supported by only Pine Lab terminals. Pine Lab terminals are available at many supermarkets, fuel stations, restaurants, and other outlets in the country. Currently, people have to either enter the UPI ID or mobile number or scan the QR code to make UPI payments through Google Pay.

Near-Field Communication (NFC) is a series of communication protocols that allows two electronic devices to communicate over a short distance. NFC systems can be used as electronic ID cards and keycards.

The shopkeeper will have to enter the amount on the POS machine and then you just need to tap your phone on it and enter the Google Pay PIN on your smartphone for authorization to make the payment.

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