Xiaomi introduces a RAM extension feature in the upcoming MIUI version for multi-tasking 

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  • May 02,2021
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For those who don’t know, the concept of RAM extension isn’t new. Smartphone makers have started providing users with virtual RAM so that they don’t have a problem with doing multiple things at the same time. This will prove helpful for gaming too.

Xiaomi is soon to make multitasking super easy and convenient for its smartphones. The Chinese company is expected to soon introduce a RAM extension feature in MIUI, something which has started gaining popularity lately, which will call for better multitasking capabilities.

The smartphone maker shared an image of the retail box of the phone which confirms the presence of MIUI 12.5 on it. The phone can be launched in the country sometime soon. As per the screenshot shared by Skrzypek, Xiaomi will recommend people to allocate RAM only if they have enough internal storage to compromise.

A hint at this feature has been found in MIUI 12’s source code, which names it ‘memory extension.’  This will prove helpful for gaming too. The latter would definitely benefit a lot of users running older Xiaomi smartphones. They will be able to extend the phone’s life and get better performance without having to spend on a new device.

In Xiaomi’s case, users will be able to take 1GB of storage as the extra RAM for better multitasking and keep more apps in the memory.

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