Facebook's upcoming smartwatch will feature a detachable display and two cameras

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  • Jun 21,2024
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Facebook is reportedly working on its first-ever smartwatch. A previous report back in February suggested that the smartwatch might feature cellular connectivity along with other features focusing on messaging and fitness.

A new report by The Verge has surfaced, which sheds some light on the hardware specification of the device. According to the report, the Facebook smartwatch will feature a unique detachable display along with two camera sensors.

The detachable display will allow users to open up the display from the stainless steel frame to capture photos and videos or make video calls. It will feature a basic camera on the front primarily for video calling and a 1080p auto-focus sensor on the back to capture photos and videos.

Facebook is reportedly in talks with other companies that can manufacture accessories for the detachable display that will allow users to attach it to things like a backpack. The company aims to launch the first generation of the smartwatch by summer 2022 and is already working on the second and third generations for subsequent years. 

The smartwatch is expected to arrive in three color variants - white, black, gold, and priced around $400. But all these can change in the upcoming days, so stay tuned for further updates.


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