A Facebook Smartwatch is in the making with Focus on Messaging, Fitness

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  • Feb 09,2022
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Facebook is reportedly making a smartwatch that will focus on features like messaging and fitness. Facebook is targeting the smartwatch market because the social network sees wearables as one of the biggest markets after smartphones. Facebook has already jumped into the smart home and virtual reality, so it has experience selling consumer hardware.

Anyway, the company is said to focus on Message interaction in the Smartwatch. Users will be able to communicate with their friends on platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger. Now, you might wonder if it will require a Smartphone for integration and sync. For this, Facebook seems to have a solution. The Watch will reportedly come with Cellular connectivity support so you don’t have to barge into your phone every time. This also suggests that the company is going to revamp the social media Apps for the tiny Wearable screens more.

The Facebook watch will also focus on health and fitness and it will integrate with some of today’s most popular services, including Peloton Interactive. Based on what we’ve seen across the industry, Facebook’s device will likely offer a heart rate monitor and possibly measure a user’s blood oxygen levels.

Speaking of which, the report says that although the Watch will run on an Open-source version of Google’s Android, Facebook is working on its own Operating System. And the OS could debut in 2023 along with the Second-Generation of this Watch.

With a release not expected until 2022, we may not get official details for Facebook's watch for a long time. With the Apple Watch so dominant in the wearable market, we never expected Facebook to be the one to pose a major challenge. But we could see the two go head to head when the social network’s wearable is released if it even happens at all.

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