Facebook launched Clubhouse 'Competitor' Hotline


  • Apr 13,2022
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Clubhouses gained so much popularity in a short period of time, there are some reports also that Facebook is working on the app in the same domain. The New Product Experimental from the social networking tech giant has launched Hotline. The app is currently in public beta testing and said to mix Instagram live with Clubhouse. The platform is not available in India yet but there is no limit on audience size as of now. This app allows users to communicate via audio and live video as well.

In a report, it has been said that Hotline seems to be inspired by Clubhouse as its user interface look similar to it with the speaker section placed on top and even the host being featured in a round profile icon or live video stream. Hotline events are also automatically recorded. At the end of the session, the host will receive mp3 and mp4 recordings of the session that they can edit and share on other social media platform.

The hotline app allows the audience to type in their questions, then join the host "on stage". People can react to emojis. Clubhouse type feature may come to the main Facebook app too. 

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