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Data of 500 million LinkedIn users have leaked online

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  • Apr 29,2023
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We all know that at the start of this week, the data of almost 533 million Facebook users have leaked online and now there is another news of data leak of around 500 million users, this news is from LinkedIn. As per CyberNews, the leaked data of LinkedIn users is up for the deal on a hacker panel with a proof concept sample of 2 million records leaked.

The leaked data of LinkedIn users includes the user's information like email address, LinkedIn IDs, name, contact numbers, social media profiles link, and professional title.  This all data is being sold by hackers for 4 digits of the minimum amount. 

Well, LinkedIn has said that it was not a data breach. The company has also said that the hackers have removed or scraped the public profile members' data from LinkedIn. Also, the company claimed that private member's data wasn't included in the data dump. 

As, LinkedIn said that the leaked data belongs to the public viewable account, so if your account is public viewing on LinkedIn you must change your privacy setting on LinkedIn. One can change the password, set up the step two factor authentication and email address just to keep your data safe from hackers.


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