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Breification B6: Millions of Android users targeted and many more at target

Avast researchers observed the campaign, naming it “UltimaSMS,” and said eighty associated apps they located on the Google Play Store. An international fraud marketing campaign has been lo

Acer India suffers a massive data breach via Ransomware attack steals 60GB user data

The Taiwanese large additionally established that the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team knowledgeable it about the attack, following which the enterprise informed the affected users. However,

Breification B5: Will Huawei's future still be driven by the US seems ban likely to continue even under Biden’s rule ?

Breification  Breification works on the principle of short duration & long-lasting. Breification is the combination of multiple segments which uses comes across daily and they only ha

India is under Cloud hacking most targeted nation after US globally

With the shift to an extra bendy pandemic workforce, cybercriminals have delivered new and up-to-date threats and methods in campaigns focused on outstanding sectors, such as government, economic offe

Dominos 180 million customers data leaked for sale on dark web

The 13 terabytes of data leaked had phone numbers, emails, addresses, payment details, including 1 million credit card details, according to Twitter posts by Alon Gal, the Israel-based co-founder and

Airtel CEO warns fight against cyber frauds in India

In the email, the CEO has mentioned that there are two ways through which fraudsters were targeting subscribers. In a first way, the fraudsters identify themselves as employees of Airtel and offer the

Realme India’s Support handle on Twitter hacked for Bitcoin scam

 “We have been constantly monitoring the development of Realme India Twitter support account. We are also investigating the matter internally and will apprise you once we receive more infor

DigitalOcean data leaked with expose of customers’ billing details

DigitalOcean also suffered a data breach last year when they made a document containing information about customer's accounts available via a public link. DigitalOcean has emailed customers

Apple's AirDrop Comes with a Security Flaw 1.5 billion users Data Breach

According to a report, quoting researchers from Germany’s Technische Universitat Darmstadt, it has been revealed that any person can access Apple users’ email addresses and mobile numbers,

A power cut in China cause bitcoin crash globally

Data collected by the Cambridge Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index shows that nearly a quarter of bitcoin’s global hash rate is powered by cryptocurrency miners in Xinjiang. Almost immediately aft