Europe Aviation Regulator EASA will witness the First Flying Taxis in 2024 or 2025

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  • May 25,2021
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Europe will soon witness the first flying taxis enter service early in 2024, said the region's top aviation regulator on Wednesday. 

Many European firms have claimed the development of Urban Air Mobility vehicles for passenger use and for unmanned shipment sorties like providing medical supplies.

Patrick Ky, executive director of. The EASA has said that the commercial use of these taxis can start from 2024 or 2025. 

EASA mentioned figures indicating 4.2 billion-euro ( approximately Rs.37,420 crores) UAM market in Europe by 2030, will generate 90,000 jobs. 

The European giant has already begun the process to certify some of the designs and the first approval is expected to be around 2024, Ky told reporters. How shortly these vehicles will enter service also depends on the operational approvals examining whether they are flying on urban centres or potential hazards such as railways, said Ky. In the case of passenger vehicles, safety is a major concern for both drones and taxis. Many people also expressed concern about birds or insects whereas cybersecurity is great on the line of potential worries, mainly for drones. 

About 71 per cent of people surveyed in around six urban areas reflected the interest in both using air taxis or delivery services. 

About 41 per cent said that it would be beneficial for emergency medical services. 






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