Apple has got stem-less beats studio buds TWS earbuds in the work


  • May 25,2021
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Apple is working on complete wireless earbuds with the beats brand named Beats Studio Buds. This information is taken by the images leaked by the US company. These leaks were from the newly released Beta Build of the iOS 14.6 and tvOS 14.6 and display pictures of the Beats TWS earbuds.

To maintain relevance in the appliances market the Apple tech powerhouse kept making cutting edge earbuds. The Beats Studio Buds have some innovations, As the earbuds are without stems. These new earbuds have no similarity to the last air pods. 

There is not much information about these new AirPods except that they are wireless and stem free. The full information about the key features of these new devices is still not disclosed as we have the pricing information. There is a fact that the next Apple Airpods pro will get a feature without a stem. However, there is no formal announcement made yet by Apple regarding these new Earbuds. 

Wireless earbuds are easy to carry, they are versatile and come with active noise cancellation. 



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