Dongfeng EV in China

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  • Feb 09,2022
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Chinese suckers of power vehicles in the class of the Hummer H1 will soon be thrilled with the Dongfeng Warrior M18 electric vehicle with HP power capacity. The Warrior M18 electric vehicle is touted as China’s EV interpretation of the Hummer EV and it's the electric interpretation of the Dongfeng Warrior M50.

Dongfeng had done a great job of reinventing the original AM General vehicle with both mercenary and military operations well regarded into the designs. The Dongfeng Humvees bear a veritably striking resemblance to its further popular Hummer H1 model, The diesel-powered Dongfeng Warrior M50 has a 200hp machine, but the proposed electric interpretation of the Humvee will pack a monster hp power. Reports covered in China indicate that Dongfeng will equip the auto with electric motors that could deliver up to 800kW (hp) with a possible top acceleration from 0-100km/ h within 5 seconds, and a 500 km range for the vehicle. This could restate to over to 26kWh/ 100 km energy consumption.

The Warrior M18 EV could weigh up to3.1 tons, which will be a significant reduction from the diesel-powered interpretation which weighs up to 3.5tons. However, a significantly lighter EV interpretation to its internal combustion interpretation will be a massive feat, If indeed the sources are accurate. Dongfeng will manufacture the Warrior M18 in a brand-new plant presently under construction and it's anticipated to be priced cheaper than similar electric exchanges available in the global request, especially in the US.

There's no citation of the possibility of bi-directional power for homes coming from the huge electric motor of the Warrior M18. It's also doubtful that the Dongfeng M18 could be exported outside China when it's released, with massive demand for similar monster EV machines within the landmass. There are no clear suggestions yet at this time about the pricing and release date for the Dongfeng Warrior M18.

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