Google Pixel 6 Pro in India

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  • Feb 02,2023
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The device is listed at a jaw-dropping price of Rs.117,150 which is relatively a hike from its U.S. rosters of$ 899 indeed after import duties and levies. The product is marked as Amazon fulfilled and comes with a 7- day return and Amazon bond policy. Still, considering that Google no way released the device in India. It isn't eligible for any kind of bond within the nation.

The two red flags noticed for this roster are the reviews and conditions of its dealer Worldwide Store which has been indicted of dealing imported products as well as having some allegations of supplying fake products. The supplier has had a 73 negative standing in the once 90 days. Secondly, the Amazon listing mentions that the Pixel 6 Pro has T-Mobile as its wireless carrier which indicates that the phone is most likely carrier-locked and belongs to one of the regions where T-Mobile operates like the USA or Poland.

The dealer has another Pixel 6 Pro listed for Rs.104,000 still, it isn't marked under the Amazon fulfilled program meaning that Amazon isn't the one storing, packing, and dispatching the product which increases the chances of it being a fake product.

Considering all these factors, we'd advise compendiums to steer clear of Pixel 6 Pros listed on Amazon as they could be a region-locked phone at stylish and a complete fake at worst.


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