Delhi to get smart signals to check traffic flow soon

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  • Jul 26,2022
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In order to improve the crucial digital infrastructure, the Delhi police is going to substitute the old traffic signals with hi-tech advanced LED automated traffic lights. The new automated system is part of the government's plan to boost the digital smart structure in the public capital. The new smart business signals won't just modernize faults to the control room but will also phenomenally ameliorate vehicular movement and are important adaptive to the extreme rainfall conditions. At present, if an old business signal stops performing due to rain or extreme rainfall temperatures the authorities can only get this information manually, which at times takes some hours leading to chaos on roads. It also takes at least an hour to fix a defective signal. 

Once sometime in August, forty of the 780 signals in the city had ceased working due to rain. The new advanced design will be automated and have an inner mechanism to fix minor software-related faults. Also, the control room would be automatically informed if it doesn’t function despite running tone-fix programs. At present, there are 150 signaling systems in the megacity. Each caters to 8 signals in its fringe and the costs of annual periodic maintenance stand at Forty lakh rupees.



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