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  • May 22,2021
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YouTube recently added a checks feature for creators to its YouTube Studio. The new feature will check for copyright infringement before a video is uploaded to YouTube. Both personal and brand accounts will be able to use the new channel name-changing feature. YouTube says the feature is a “top request from creators” and that it’ll be rolling out starting today.

There is one substantial caveat to the new feature, though: creators with a verification badge will lose their check mark if they change their name. YouTube says creators will have to apply to receive the badge again. YouTube is making it easier for creators to change the name and profile picture on their channels. Creators will now be able to update their channel name and picture inside YouTube, and those changes will only impact their profile on YouTube.

Until now, YouTube creators had to change their name and icon for their entire Google account -- so their name on YouTube would be the same name they send emails from in Gmail. The change will help keep your YouTube name and content separate from your Google services, such as Gmail and Google Docs. That way if you need to send an email for school or work, your real name will appear, not your YouTube name.

How to change your YouTube channel name and profile picture on mobile?

1. Open the YouTube app, and tap your profile picture.

2. Tap Your channel > Edit channel.

3. To change your name, enter your updated name and tap OK.

4. To change your profile picture, tap your picture, and select an existing photo or take a new one. Tap Save.


  • The video-sharing platform, along with copyright owners, actively checks for any violation of the laws that may lead to any video being pulled down from YouTube.
  • However, even if no violations are found before the video is uploaded, copyright owners can still flag it after it is uploaded.
  • This may not affect copyright trolling in the future. An additional feature has been introduced that tells the subscriber count in real-time.
  • The count is visible on the Creator Dashboard under the Analytics tab.

What about the Verification badge 

However, this also comes with a drawback to the creators who have a verification badge as they will lose their check mark if they change their name. The Verge reported that the creators will have to apply to receive the badge again.

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