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Breification B6: Millions of Android users targeted and many more at target

Avast researchers observed the campaign, naming it “UltimaSMS,” and said eighty associated apps they located on the Google Play Store. An international fraud marketing campaign has been located leveraging 151 malicious Android apps with 10.5 million downloads to rope customers into top rate subscription offerings besides their consent and knowledge.

"Instead of unlocking the apps' marketed features, which customers would possibly expect must happen, the apps will both show in addition SMS subscriptions selections or cease working altogether," Avast researcher Jakub Vávra said.

Although a considerable chunk of the apps in query has on the grounds been eliminated from the Google Play Store, 82 of them have persisted to stay handy in the online market as of October 19, 2021.

You are additionally strongly counseled to study the evaluations earlier than putting in an app, and if there is repeated bad feedback, keep away from the app altogether. With the required smartphone variety and permissions, the app then subscribes the sufferer to a $ forty per month SMS provider of which the crooks get a share as an affiliate partner.

Ultimate SMS

The UltimaSMS spyware and adware rip-off is additionally tremendous for the truth that it is allotted with the aid of advertising and marketing channels on famous social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, luring unsuspecting customers with what the researchers say are "catchy video advertisements."

What have Ultimate SMS victims done?

We no longer simply work in a manner of hassle elevating but, tries to get a fantastic solution

Here are some steps customers can follow

  • While uninstalling the app will stop new subscriptions from being created.
  • It will now not forestall the present subscription from being billed again.
  • To keep away from future charges, you must contact your service and request the cancellation of all SMS subscriptions.
  • You can test this listing on GitHub for a full listing of apps that you have to cast off from your gadget immediately.
  • To keep away from falling sufferers to such scams, ask your provider to flip off the top rate SMS choice for your account and keep away from getting into your telephone variety on apps that don’t want this information.


Aside from uninstalling the aforementioned apps, customers are encouraged to disable the top rate SMS alternative with the carriers to forestall subscription abuse. "Based on some of the consumer bills that left bad reviews, it appears like teens are amongst the victims, making this step specially essential on kid's phones.

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