Realme Will Launch Electric Scooters

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  • Oct 20,2024
  • 1 min read
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Realme separated from oppo; its parent company as a new smartphone brand in July 2018 July. And, indeed the Realme has made great growth all these years. For now, it is one of the fastest-growing smartphone companies in the world. Realme has sold out almost one million units in April 2021 in China (its home market). Furthermore, the company has plenty of product ideas to launch in future. 

The rumours suggest that the company may launch its electric scooter, although there is no confirmation about this news. Keeping the meteoric rise in the number of electric two-wheelers in mind the company may show interest to launch its own electric two-wheeler scooter. It will be interesting to watch how a smartphone company will launch its electric two-wheeler. 

This is all about the news about Realme launching its new scooter. Realme is a big brand with millions of users. This idea of launching an electric two-wheeler may open the doors of other great opportunities and ideas. 




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