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Biggest data leak: Aadhaar Personal data of 81.5 crore Indians on sale on dark web

Although no official response has been issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) or the government, there are reports suggesting that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) may invest

Breification B6: Millions of Android users targeted and many more at target

Avast researchers observed the campaign, naming it “UltimaSMS,” and said eighty associated apps they located on the Google Play Store. An international fraud marketing campaign has been lo

LinkedIn 700mn user’s data breach soon to be sale on Dark web

Recently, the professional networking platform faced a massive data leak of 500 million users that is allegedly being sold online. According to the report, the data breach includes information such as

Dominos 180 million customers data leaked for sale on dark web

The 13 terabytes of data leaked had phone numbers, emails, addresses, payment details, including 1 million credit card details, according to Twitter posts by Alon Gal, the Israel-based co-founder and

Domino's India 10 lakh data breach and leaked

Several companies have fallen victim to cyber-attacks lately. Reports of companies like MobiKwik, Facebook, Upstox, etc. Now the latest case is from Domino’s India which is said to have suffered

BigBasket 2 crore users data leaked & sale on Dark Web

In the course of our routine dark web monitoring, the research team at Cyble found the database of BigBasket for sale in a cybercrime market, being sold for over $40,000. The leak contains a database

PM Narendra Modi's personal website data leaked on dark web

With such a large repository of unauthorized personal information of Indian citizens, the data has a potential for being misused for malpractices such as phishing emails, spam text messages, etc,&rdqu