Bharti Airtel To Invest Rs. 1.17 Lakh Cr For 5G

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  • Feb 14,2024
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Bharti Airtel plans to spend1.17 lakh crore in capex and related charges through accessories — Indus Towers, Nxtra and Bharti Hexacom — over the coming four times.

Airtel will also hold an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on February 26 to seek shareholder blessing for issuing shares to Google following the US- grounded tech mammoth’s purchase of a1.28 stake in the telco for about crores, it said in a nonsupervisory form on Saturday.

Out of the total proposed capex, Airtel will spend crore in business with mobile palace company Indus Towers, crore for serving services of data centre establishment Nxtra and deals of over to crore with Bharti Hexacom, according to the form. Given the 5G developments encyclopedically, it's likely that 5G will soon start to come a reality in India, it said.

Thus, considering the increased conditions of unresistant structure during massive 5G rollouts, “the company proposes a advanced quantum of deals of over to crores per annum with Indus Towers for FY2025-26. For the antedating times, it'll be spending annually,” Airtel said.

The form comes within a week of Google publicizing an investment of over to$ 1 billion in Airtel as the two companies explore ways to get further Indians online and look to cooperate on 5G use cases specific to the South Asian nation besides delivering enterprise services.

Airtel is the alternate telco after Reliance Jio Info COMM (Jio) to admit backing from Google. The hunt services leader needs further and further people on the internet, which India with1.3 billion people offers, while telcos like Airtel and Jio need further Indians to use smartphones to drive up data operation and profit, experts said.

Either, the finances will help Airtel, India’s second largest telecom carrier, as it prepares for 5G deals slated formid-2022 and posterior network rollouts, they said.

Google will invest$ 700 million (crore) from its$ 10 billion ‘Google for India Digitization Fund’ to buy a1.28 stake in Airtel through a preferential issue of shares at 734 a unit. The remaining$ 300 million will be used over the coming five times for multiple marketable agreements, similar as Airtel’s plans to make smartphones more affordable to help around 350 million druggies of point phones upgrade to bias that support online access.


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