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16 Best Microsoft Edge Flags to use in 2021

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  • Sep 27,2024
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The aspects and functionalities that browsers have these days are high-quality and some of them have been no longer even in the pipeline a few years ago. One of the most powerful and feature-rich browsers these days is the new Microsoft Edge browser. The successor to the Internet Explorer browser has been constructed from scratch and this time, Microsoft has long past for the extra dependable Chromium engine to construct the browser platform. It is fascinating to word that the identical Chromium engine is used to construct the Chrome browser. Also, this engine shows excellent performance with browser games such as Agario.

To enable and access Edge flags, simply enter the following in the URL bar. You will have to restart Edge every time to ensure the flag is working properly by edge://flags

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List of Top Flags for Microsoft Edge:

1. Quieter Notification Prompts

When you visit any website these days, the first thing you see on your browser is a notification permission window. This is now a staple on almost all websites on the internet and sometimes, in the spur of the moment, we tend to allow notifications and what follows is incessant unnecessary notifications that cause a great deal of distraction.

2. Tab hover cards

When you go to any net web site these days, the first problem you see on your browser is a notification permission window. This is now a staple on almost all internet websites on the net and sometimes, in the spur of the moment, we have a tendency to permit notifications and what follows is incessant pointless notifications that reason a top-notch deal of distraction.

3. Parallel Downloading

This flag splits your download file into smaller chunks and permits parallel downloading, thereby giving you quicker downloads. This is one of the pleasant elements on Edge Flags to speed up the downloading of your files.  This function has been around for a whilst however for some reason, Microsoft has let it continue to be as an experimental or non-obligatory feature as an alternative than taking it mainstream 

4. Previews Allowed

Every internet site is rife with hyperlinks and anchor textual content and all manner of matters designed to preserve you clicking around the website online (yep, we do it too). Not all hyperlinks are informed about what you’re absolutely clicking though, so this flag generates a preview snippet so you don’t have to click on the hyperlink earlier than seeing the place it truly takes you.

5. Treat Risky Downloads

This is a flag that you ought to allow on the PC if the equation is used by way of youthful siblings, older people, or even children. Treat unstable downloads flag does not enable the person to download any without delay executable archives from the internet. This way, malware will now not be downloaded on your PC even by using an accident. 

6. Enable sharing page via QR code

This flag provides a new dimension to sharing an internet page. Sometimes, a net web page may additionally include touchy facts and you do no longer favor to chance to expose it to every body different than the recipient. In such cases, this flag helps you to share a net web page in the shape of a QR code. The recipient can scan the QR code and get entry to the internet page. It’s a neat flag that you ought to without a doubt use.

Once enabled, you solely want to right-click on the webpage to create a QR code for it as proven here. The QR code is equipped to be shared, and you can download the photo to be despatched throughout to absolutely everyone on their phones.

7. ClickOnce Support

ClickOnce is a beneficial Windows thing that approves the easy deployment of any software besides administrator permissions. Only Internet Explorer and Edge Chromium browsers furnish native aid for this special feature.

8. Secure DNS Lookup

When you allow this flag, the Microsoft Edge browser will attempt to impenetrable an HTTPS connection to a website. This is beneficial when you are traveling an internet site that is simply now not opening on the trendy HTTP protocol. Usually, with everyday settings, you will simply get an error. This flag will strive to run the internet site with an HTTPS protocol instead.

9. Smooth Scrolling

You may additionally have heard of clean scrolling. It’s a function that lets you enhance the scrolling first-rate and pace on Edge. This helps you navigate via a web page smoothly, no count number what the web page measurement is.

10. Fill Passwords on Account Selection

This is a beneficial privateness function to control Microsoft Edge autofill settings. For touchy websites, you can also choose filling in the passwords each and every time as a substitute than having Autofill suggestions.  

11. Tab Groups

Sometimes, we open tabs on the browser that corresponds to a single task. The tab businesses flag approves you to crew such tabs with a special color code. This way, even if you open a random new tab, the applicable tabs are effortlessly accessible. 

12. Credit Card Autofill Ablation Experiment

Another privateness function that has many takers. If you don’t choose your browser window to keep in mind your credit score card important points for every new transaction, you should allow this autofill ablation scan feature.  

13. Global Media Controls

This is one of our non-public favorites. Enabling the Global media to manipulate flag lets you manipulate media playback in your tabs from one central location. This makes it very handy to continue to be on the pinnacle of a couple of media tabs that might also be open on your browser. 

14. Heavy Ads Intervention

Sometimes, heavy commercials on some web sites can hog your gadget resources. Edge permits you to disable such heavy commercials by way of unloading them, therefore minimizing the consumption of CPU, GPU, and bandwidth.  

15. Focus Dark Mode for Web Contents


If you are a massive fan of the trending darkish mode, this flag is for you. Enabling this flag renders each internet web page in a darkish mode setting. It does now not rely upon whether or not or no longer the internet web page sincerely helps it. This way, you get a seamless dark mode shopping experience.

There are one-of-a-kind kinds of darkish mode to scan with: the default mode turns the whole lot on your browser display screen pitch black. If you want something much less invasive, select from “selective picture inversion” to “selective inversion of everything.”  Finally, we have a center of attention mode. This flag helps you avert new tabs to a new window. This is notable when you are studying content material from a tab and you do now not choose any different tab to intervene or get brought in the identical window.

 16. Anonymize Local IPs Exposed by WebRTC

Privacy fans rejoice! If you’re the usage of any WebRTC functions such as Google Meet, Facebook Messenger, Discord, or GoToMeeting, you may also prefer to conceal your non-public IP address. You can now use Edge flags to obfuscate these nearby IP addresses with a function referred to as dynamically generated Multicast DNS  (mDNS).


Microsoft Edge is proving itself as a versatile browser with a complete set of features, just as you would find in Chrome or Firefox. The use of flags is surely going to make your browsing experience more fun and engaging.  

Some FAQs related to Microsoft Edge Flags

1. How do I access edge flags?

To access Microsoft edge flags, you just need to type edge://flags into the URL bar. There you will get all the experimental flags that you can enable for Microsoft edge.

2. Is Edge better than Chrome 2020?

Edge is a chromium-based browser. No doubt edge has tonnes of new improvements. In terms of RAM, Usage edge does a great job as compared to Chrome. Rest it is subject to the ecosystem. If you were using Chrome earlier then you might face some initial issues while switching to Edge.


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Nice list of features that edge offers. All are working!

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