As of India is trying to launch its first self-reliant, indigenous App store as “Aatm Nirbhar App store” where basically the Indian users will develop & launch the apps globally. Users have grown to love Android for the plethora of features and customization options, but sometimes it can all get a bit confusing. 

Android is the most popular computing platform in the world, due in large part to its powerful open-source nature. So, Gizmeek had decided to list out the Top 5 Indian Android developers apps of the week. We simply termed it as “APP OF THE WEEK”. Our main ideology for this is to list out the best user-friendly, lesser time-consuming, & overcoming the confusion from the pool of apps. This is more like finding a shell from the deep ocean. 

Here is the list of apps: 

1. Bamowi - Battery temperature alert
2. CoinDCX Go: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency investment app
3. Keep Me Out
4. retroPod - Click Wheel Music Player
5. Prism - Exclusive Wallpapers & Setups

1. Bamowi - Battery temperature alert

Bamowi stands for Battery Monitor Widget. This app is designed to alert you on too high or too low battery temperature. Prevent your phone's battery from overheating or freezing by receiving a notification if its temperature exceeds a limit. Further battery information is available.

Features of the app are: 

  •  Receive notifications for both too high or too low temperature of the battery (set threshold)
  • See the battery temperature in the notification bar
  • Choose between degree Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Use the app widget to see the current health status
  • Monitor battery level, temperature, and voltage
  • See the changes in a graph
  • See lowest and highest reached values of temperature and voltage with a timestamp

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2.  CoinDCX Go: Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency investment app

CoinDCX Go is the best Bitcoin app for beginners to start their cryptocurrency investment journey. Now take your first safe and secure step towards crypto with just one swipe. Enjoy the go-to Bitcoin investment app for 1.5 million Indians, and begin your crypto investor is limited but top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Tron (TRX) and others, directly by using your bank accounts. Buy, sell and hold top cryptocurrencies in India such as Bitcoins and invest in crypto using a safe & secure cryptocurrency app and a user-friendly interface for beginners.

Features of the app are: 

  • Interactive user interface for new cryptocurrency investors
  • Simple bitcoin app to buy cryptocurrency in India
  • Easy and secure deposit and withdrawal of INR funds with zero fee
  • Intuitive cryptocurrency investment dashboard to track your investment portfolio
  • Quick cryptocurrency calculator to convert cryptocurrencies like BTC to INR and vice-versa
  • 'Price Alerts'feature to track cryptocurrency charts and live rates
  • Secured and insured with BitGo
  • Investing in cryptocurrency with as minimum as ₹ 100
  • Smooth KYC process for investments above ₹ 10,000
  • Best suited for beginners in the cryptocurrency investment space in India

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3. Keep Me Out

Addicted to your mobile device? Wanting to cut down your Mobile Device usage time? Are you having a hard time focusing on your study just because of the smartphone? Do you have a bad habit of Drunk Texting? Keep Me Out allows you to lock yourself out of your mobile device for the time period that you want.

Features of the app are: 

  • Now you can enjoy some quality, device-free, and distraction-free time
  • You will still have access to the lock screen and its widgets, so you can still make emergency calls and answer calls.
  • Lock your device to Stay Focused

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4. retroPod - Click Wheel Music Player

The app will show you all the music on your device, sorted by Artist, Album, and a list of all the songs. Your mp3s can be played, paused, and rewound. Pick your favorite color to bring back old memories. The click wheel works just like how you remember, with haptic feedback while scrolling. You can adjust the click wheel clicker, shuffle songs, and/or repeat all options in the settings. 

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5.  Prism - Exclusive Wallpapers & Setups

Prism brings you exclusive wallpapers & setups straight to your Android device. With unlimited downloads and favourites, you can be sure to never miss the best wallpapers & setups. Our main goal is to create an unimaginable experience where people can share their walls and setups with the world, and everyone can like, download, and apply them.

Features of the app are: 

  • AMOLED Dark mode built-in
  • Cloud sync your data with Google sign-in
  • Unique in-app notification center for less disturbing notifications
  • Secure data and favorites storage
  • 10+ themes to customize the look and feel of the app
  • Fresh, beautiful design with smooth animations
  • Clear Cache, Downloads, or Favourites with one-tap
  • Low internet usage with excessive caching
  • In-built wallpaper optimization and sketchy wall filter.

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