This is one of the first publications in the game’s official account – apparently, the developers just created a Twitter account. The map is very different from the one in the game and looks more like a tourist spaceship. Instead of the ubiquitous steel, the screenshot shows blue carpets and wood floors. 

New update features

1. Bigger Servers  

The new features are available in an update that has rolled out for Android, iOS, and PCs via Steam. Other features introduced in the update include added taskbar modes, new symbols for the fix wires task, and cosmetics to meeting screen. The update also fixes various bugs. InnerSloth co-founder also revealed on Twitter that the game will soon support 12-15 players per server.

2. Friend List

A patch for the game that adds options for anonymous voting, among other things. Let players report accounts that are hacking the game or are toxic. Players will also be able to create friend lists.

3. Players Vote Anonymously

Players will be able to vote anonymously in the update for the game, where all votes will appear as grey. The new taskbar modes include a meeting mode, which only updates the bar during meetings, an invisible mode which removes the taskbar entirely, and the always mode which works as it currently does. The Among US update also contains a first pass on colourblind support.

4. Language features 

While the popular game has a few language translations available currently, the developers also revealed that they were planning on getting professional translations into multiple languages.

5. New Map

While there is no official confirmation, the new map is expected to come to the game soon. It’s also important to note that this is the first new map for the game since it launched. The developers behind the game did post a tweet telling players to keep an eye out for The Game Awards on December 10. Perhaps the new map will land on that date as well.

The authors of the multiplayer game Among Us have published a teaser for the new map. The screenshot is available on the project’s Twitter. The complete map presentation will take place on December 10 at The Game Awards.

Company declarations

There are several tasks on the room’s outer edge, including a download task, wires, navigation, and there could be more. There’s also a vent roughly in the middle of the room that will certainly be leveraged by players and imposters alike. Speculation suggests that the new map is for the current Among Us game, not the coming Among Us 2

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