Amazon Likely To Bring Satellite Internet Services To India

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  • Aug 15,2022
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Amazon is planning to introduce satellite internet services in India. Similar initiatives have been undertaken by Starlink and OneWeb as they are also expected to launch operations in the same segment the "satellite internet service".

The DoS or Dept. of Space grants landing rights to satellites(foreign) into the country, e-commerce giant is expected to engage DoS on this matter about bandwidth cost, landing rights, and permits. The investment is likely to amount to $10
billion under the project named Kuiper, part of a global launch.

The report said that the satellite internet request in India is anticipated to induce$ 500 million in earnings in the near term, which is why Amazon can not ignore this occasion. The satellite internet services are anticipated to offer internet in pastoral and remote areas. Interestingly, in India, a large number of the population lives in pastoral areas, and they don't have internet access as several locales are without connectivity.

 The report added that Amazon is probably not going to join hands with Indian telecom players. As we already know Airtel is already backing OneWeb, which means Vodafone-Idea and Jio are left. However, an important point to remember is that Amazon is already involved in legal issues with Reliance Industries over the Future Group assets. On the other hand, sources said that Jio is also studying the new internet space.


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