After 108 MP, Samsung working to launch a 200MP camera by the end of the year

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  • Feb 09,2022
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It has been quite some time since Samsung apart from supplying its AMOLED displays, has also started supplying camera sensors to other makers. Samsung's 108-megapixel sensor is already being utilized by high-end mid-range smartphones including Xiaomi's Mi 10i. The sensor is so good that it can be found in 3 smartphones out of 5 on average budgeting around 20-25K.

The South Korean Giant is all set to introduce multiple new imaging sensors to the market including a 200-megapixel sensor by the end of the year. According to IceUniverse, a prominent tipster, these new ISOCELL sensors will be launched in 2021.

It is not the first nor will it be the last when Samsung is in the news for such massive sensors. But if we go by the words of the tipster then it is to be believed that Samsung is rumoured to be developing its own line of 150MP, 250MP and even a humongous 600-megapixel smartphone camera sensor that could even be better than a human eye. We don't know how Samsung will be tackling the problems that comes associated with a massive sensor and Samsung has not revealed anything about the same. We can only wait till we get any other news regarding the same.

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